Wednesday, June 19, 2013

10 Opinions in a Row...or "A Quick Study Break"

I needed a break from my 10-hour study day. My good friend Aaron (on whose blog I guested about a month ago here) wrote a blog post based on Buffalo's WGR550's segment "10 Opinions in a Row" where they just talk about whatever they want. I stole the idea from him - things that are too short to blog about, but may be too long for a Tweet or not funny enough for one of my Facebook statuses. Anyway, here goes:

1. Not all tattoos are bad. The all-or-none attitude is limiting in all aspects of life, and no more so than here. There are some that are meaningful, at least to the person sporting them. If that's how a person wants to express themselves, or they feel so passionately about it that they want to display it on their body...that's not a bad thing. However, some of them do make my inner grammar nazi cringe:!2q:HYT_8-l3/

2. As a recovering grammar nazi, I cringe when I see other people do it, because I've realized how truly annoying it looks and is (even though I'm still guilty of it). If it's something professional that needs correcting, then yes, it may need judging/correcting. Or if they ask for a grammar check. But if someone posts something on Facebook and your only response is to correct their grammar...that's not funny. It's annoying.

3. I think lipstick is the most unnecessary of all the makeup items. It can be done tastefully, I'm sure, but almost every time I see it on a girl I find myself wishing I was looking at her normal lips.

4. Studying sucks. That's all I have to say about that.

5. Watching British comedians is awesome. Partially because of their accents, and mostly because I love stand-up and some of the people I watch are hilarious. But it's also partially because they make jokes about things in the news and pop culture that I know nothing about and when I look those things up it's like "sweet, more useless knowledge for my trivia skills!"

6. I went through a phase where I had all but phased the word "like" (as a filler word) out of my vocabulary. That phase has since ended. I miss it, because I judge myself every time I use "like" as a filler.

7. Whenever I watch a video on YouTube, especially a music video, I always scroll down to the comments because I love seeing people say something super negative or bigoted and then everyone else coming back and bashing them for it. It's not something I'd partake in, but it's a guilty pleasure to look at.

8. Drummer thought: I could watch Stewart Copeland, Matt Cameron, and John Bonham play the same basic beat for 10 hours and still find it fascinating.

9. I've said this on Twitter, but the half-hawk hairstyle is not attractive. I don't know why it's so popular now. I will be really happy when it goes away.

10. I love it when celebrities, especially older ones, handle their own Twitter/Facebook, respond to people, and actually post funny Tweets or pics of themselves doing funny/awesome things. For example, go look at Sir Patrick Stewart's Twitter. He posts a lot of advocacy-related Tweets, especially related to child abuse awareness, but then he'll something like this:

What a badass.