Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ten Opinions in a Row (Volume 2)

1. Shazam is an amazing app. I use it like it's my job. Then months later, I go back to listen to some of things I've tagged on it and I'm either saying "Oh, this song is still awesome!" or "Why on Earth did I tag this?!"

2. When I get interested in a new band, I get into their history, the biographies of their band members, their discographies, at least to some extent. From there, if I really like the sound of the musicians, I start looking into their side projects. Recently I got into Toto. This is a band where 6 studio musicians got together to start jamming. The number of side projects, guest appearances, and studio ghosting is too high to count. Guitarist Steve Lukather is EVERYWHERE in pop/rock.

3. Words trigger lyrics in my head. At the office at which I'm rotating, the bathroom has a sign that says "Please...Aim to Please." I see that and think "Please, at ease, now let me drop some more of dem keys" and start rapping "Gz and Hustlas" by Snoop Dogg. Not a good thing in a pediatric office. But a fun song.

4. The main reason I like songs like that is because lyrics are the last thing I listen to in songs. I listen to the drums first (of course, being a drummer), then the bass/guitar/other instrument hooks, and then the vocals and how they all flow and blend together. And then I try to isolate each part just to see if I can. And THEN I notice the content of the lyrics. That's why I can tell you all about the backing tracks and samples of my favorite rap songs, and nothing about their lyrics.

5. Changing up your Pandora stations can work wonders for your studying/busy work. I have been shuffling through 4 or 5 stations for the last six months or so. I switched them all out, replacing them with a few similar artists and a few very different ones. The renewed energy is beautiful.

6. The fact that Jenny McCarthy has been given a more public voice on The View is not a good thing, as too many people take that show seriously, and too many of them are mothers or grandmothers who will end up denying their children vaccines. I can only hope that the debate is smart enough to debunk the myths she insists on propagating (though it's a long shot).

7. That said, I can understand that Jenny McCarthy is very much a mother trying to find answers. I've realized that most parents, when something goes wrong with their children, will fight tooth and nail to get answers, fix their kids, and make sure it doesn't happen again. It's just unfortunate that Ms. McCarthy latched on to fake data created by a now-disgraced former physician who was trying to get famous.

8. I do not believe in playing Christmas carols before Thanksgiving (or Halloween). Give Thanksgiving its due - the holiday has a great message (idealistically, not historically). And the food is better than every other holiday out together.

9. That said, my two favorite Christmas carols are "What Child Is This?" and "O Holy Night." The second one became a favorite almost solely due to Richard Marx's version.

10. I think the only reason to go to Dunkin' Donuts is if you like their donuts or if you need your coffee a little weaker or with more artificial flavoring (before cream or sugar). Otherwise, Starbucks or Tim Hortons are better in nearly every way.